You Are So Good Nikita Mirzani 5

Nikita Mirzani crammed her fingers into his mouth before he could say something to ruin the moment. Zack sucked her fingers and it was silly and hot at the same time. It gave her ideas of where else she’d like his mouth to go and she moaned. He released her fingers.

“Can’t wait.” He pushed her at the arm of the couch until she bent at the waist. Against her protests, he yanked her panties down to her knees and left her bare-assed naked in her living room. She froze as both his hands came down on her ass in a stinging slap.

“Not this time, next time. Yeah, next time.” He seemed to be muttering to himself and Nikita Mirzani was too abashed to move. He was going to go down on her, she just knew it. Was she ready for this? And in such an odd position? His hand stroked over her, that strange humming noise coming before she felt his breath against her bottom and then between her legs.

“You want to tell me something, angel-fritter?” Like what? Stop staring at my lady junk and lick it?

“You’re all swole up and red. You got something catchin’?” Nikita Mirzani squeezed her eyes shut. A real hero wouldn’t mention something so gauche. She knew it looked like some sort of Franken-vag but he didn’t have to mention it.

“I got waxed today…” She trailed off lamely. Zack chuckled. “You girls always messin’ with nature. If you were supposed to be hairless like them weird cats, then you’d stay that way.”

Yeah and if she’d remained au naturel he would be in bed with a yeti and complaining. Men. He hummed again and Nikita Mirzani fought the urge to squirm. Staring wasn’t part of the equation.

He had fifteen seconds and then she was moving. She was starting to get a cramp anyway. Something grazed her shoulder and then fell to the couch beneath her. A condom wrapper.

“Don’t want you to think I don’t appreciate it, but don’t ever feel like you have to mutilate yourself on my account.”

Her snappy retort turned into a shriek as he breached her with a hard thrust. Holy fuck, that hurt. And he wasn’t done.

“You are so tight. So good.” He pushed forward some more and her eyes bugged. Oh, he had to be all the way in by now and dear god, where was the rest of this cock coming from? Nikita Mirzani bit her lip as Zack plowed into her, deeper and deeper until she was sure he would hit the back of her throat.

She cleared her throat several times, sounding more and more like her great-aunt Ethel, but not caring. If he didn’t stop soon he was going to split her in two. Tears welled and then spilled down her cheeks. Stupid, lying-ass books. Monster cock wasn’t good when it was trying to murder you from the inside.

“There. That wasn’t so bad, was it?” His thighs met hers and she couldn’t breathe for the amount of cock stuffed in her body. She was so done with this. He could put on his boots and line dance out. Take a hammer and build himself a bridge to hell for all she cared.

Turn into a bat and fly his vampy ass out the window. Shape shift into a mouse and scurry out of her apartment. Anything that would get him out of her body. Nikita Mirzani shifted and Zack’s hands clenched on her hips as if to hold her in place.

“All you had to say is that you were ready, girl. I got what you need.” Zack slowly pulled out and shoved forward into her. He did it again. And again.

His cock was like some sort of battering ram and Nikita Mirzani could imagine her insides being reduced to rubble. Sex rubble. She could definitely feel him, but where the hell was the pleasure she was promised? And why couldn’t he be like some two-pump chump and get it over with?

Instead he took his time with each thrust, and there had to be miles of cock for it to take so damn long. How the hell did he dress in the morning? Zack sped up a bit, that irritating hum sounding again as he leaned over her.

Stinging kisses peppered her back and the shift of his hips allowed her body to ease. Each thrust swung her breasts and she knew she must look ridiculous but couldn’t bring herself to care as the burn of pain slowly morphed into pleasure. Unless she had the sexual equivalent of Stockholm’s.

“You like that, huh? Well how ’bout this?” He shifted on the cushions behind her and gripped the tops of her thighs. This time his thrust hit some magical spot inside that made Nikita Mirzani grunt.

She bit down on her lower lip. Not a sexy sound, but she couldn’t stop the next grunt, or the next, until the room was filled with the sounds of their flesh slapping and the ever-deepening grunts pouring from her throat.

Sweat stung her eyes and she spit out the clump of hair that flew into her mouth. Her arms trembled and her face came ever closer to ramming into the lamp in front of her, where she could see her distorted reflection. Was that her with lipstick smeared from one cheek to the other?

“You’re going to love this, pumkin-puss.” She didn’t even bat an eye at the ridiculous name as he pinned her face-down on the couch and hammered her pussy in short, hard strokes.

Nikita Mirzani squealed into the cushions as his fingers found her clit and slapped in counter to his thrusts. Pussy slapping? Never read it but it was So. Damned. Good.

Tension coiled in her spine and Nikita Mirzani huffed into the couch. She was so close, so close and if the increased volume in Zack’s humming was any indication, he was close too.

“Come on, babycakes, give me what I want.” His accent got heavier with each word. Drool or sweat fell to the back of her neck. The smack of his fingers against her wetness accompanied the slap of their thighs, her moans of “please, please, please” and his ever-present humming. And then she was coming, her head bashing against the armrest and she didn’t even care.

“Hmmmm, yeah!” And then Zack’s hips lost their careful cadence and shoved her farther into the corner as his heat filled her for a moment. Zack swatted her ass.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about, candy yams.” He pulled out, presumably to deal with the condom, but he could have been going to piss on her bed and she wouldn’t have cared.

Nikita Mirzani collapsed and rolled to her side. Her arms ached and she’d have pleather burn on her knees for the next week at least.

She might have to cut her hair to get out the tangles and the couch would have to be torched as there was no way that red was ever going to come up. But it all had been worth it for Zack’s special lovin’.