You Look Like a Mermaid Nikita Mirzani 2

Nikita Mirzani nodded, her nostrils flaring. Tendrils of blond hair escaped their confines to curl around her face. She looked innocent and wanton at the same time.

Zack moved his hands lower, following the contours of Nikita Mirzani’s growing belly. It was round and taut, and he felt the baby kick beneath his touch. They both laughed at that, but this wasn’t about the baby. Zack slipped his hand between Nikita Mirzani’s legs, lightly stroking her blond pubic curls.

“Stop. I hate all that stupid hair,” Nikita Mirzani said.

Zack ignored her and kept stroking her. Before the pregnancy, Nikita Mirzani had waxed her pubic hair so that she was bare and smooth, but her skin was too sensitive for that now. Zack liked the silky-springy feel of the hair beneath his fingers, and he tugged lightly, watching Nikita Mirzani’s face as she did. Nikita Mirzani’s eyes went wide, and she caught her breath.

“That’s a strange feeling,” she said.


Nikita Mirzani nodded. “Yeah, I think so. Tingly.”

Zack smiled. He slipped a finger between the lips of Nikita Mirzani’s pussy and found her clit. He was rewarded by Nikita Mirzani’s audible gasp. Zack didn’t go further than that; he simply rested his finger on that sensitive button as he cupped her mound lightly.

Staring into Nikita Mirzani’s eyes, Zack could see the war Nikita Mirzani fought with herself. Uncomfortable in her own skin, she hadn’t let Zack touch her like this in months. Zack longed to make love to her, but he wouldn’t push her. He would let Nikita Mirzani decide.

Nikita Mirzani didn’t say a word. She didn’t have to. She sunk down in the lukewarm water and covered Zack’s hand with her own. She pressed his finger hard against her pussy, letting out a soft moan when Zack took the lead and rubbed her clit.

It was something so simple—hardly the stuff of an earthshaking sexual experience—but Nikita Mirzani’s acquiescence sent a rush of heat through Zack. He wanted Nikita Mirzani. Now. He wanted to fuck her the way he had before they’d gotten pregnant. He wanted to feel Nikita Mirzani’s body grinding against his, both of them slick with sweat and so aroused they couldn’t get enough of each other.

He pressed a finger just inside Nikita Mirzani’s pussy, feeling the heat and wetness there, so different from the tepid bath water. Nikita Mirzani gasped, gripping Zack’s wrist tightly and wriggling beneath his touch until water splashed over the side of the bathtub.

“Easy, baby,” Zack soothed. “I’ll give you what you want.”

Nikita Mirzani looked at him, blue eyes heavy-lidded with lust, her expression one of complete trust. “I know you will.”

Zack slid his finger deeper, feeling Nikita Mirzani’s muscles reflexively tighten around her. “Been practicing your Kegels, I see,” he said.

Nikita Mirzani giggled and nodded. “Yeah.”

“Good girl.” Zack slipped another finger inside her wetness, curving them up and forward to rub that rough spot he knew so well. “How’s that?”

“Oh!” Nikita Mirzani exclaimed, sloshing water over the edge of the tub as she took Zack’s fingers inside her. “Yesssss!”

Zack’s clothes were soaking wet at this point, but he didn’t care. All he cared about was making Nikita Mirzani feel good. He twisted his fingers inside Nikita Mirzani’s pussy, feeling the slick wetness of arousal. It fueled his own desire, coaxing his passion beyond gentleness. He tweaked one of Nikita Mirzani’s nipples between his fingers, delighting in the damp, rubbery texture of the skin beneath his touch.

“You’re so fucking sexy,” he said, barely recognizing his own voice.

Nikita Mirzani cupped her full breasts, head thrown back against the side of the tub. “Fuck me with your fingers,” she whispered. “I need to come.”

Her words drove Zack to the edge. He added a third finger inside Nikita Mirzani’s swollen pussy, filling her. He laced his fingers together and made a twisting motion as Nikita Mirzani’s muscles clenched down on him.

He didn’t want to be gentle anymore, wasn’t even sure that he could. He just wanted to fuck Nikita Mirzani—hard. He looked into Nikita Mirzani’s half-closed eyes, searching for approval.

“Are you sure you can take this?”

Nikita Mirzani nodded. “Oh yeah. I want it. Do it.”

That was all the encouragement Zack needed. Oblivious to everything but the feel of Nikita Mirzani’s pussy clamped around his fingers, he began to fuck her hard. Water sloshed every which way, causing a tidal wave in the bathroom until the floor was soaked and Nikita Mirzani was only half-covered by water.

Zack braced his right hand lightly on Nikita Mirzani’s wet, swollen belly as he finger-fucked her with his left hand. It was like fucking a beautiful, familiar stranger—and that aroused him in a way he could never have predicted.

“You’re so wet, baby,” he growled, pushing his fingers deep inside Nikita Mirzani.

Slowly, so slowly Nikita Mirzani closed her eyes and whimpered with the anticipation, Zack drew his fingers out again. He could feel Nikita Mirzani’s pussy ripple against his fingers, trying to hold them inside, trying to get off.

Zack pushed his fingers back inside Nikita Mirzani, stroking her swollen clit with his thumb. Nikita Mirzani nearly came out of the bathtub at that, shrieking as she gripped the edge of tub.

“I guess you like that,” Zack muttered, doing it again.

“You’re driving me crazy.”

With his fingers buried inside Nikita Mirzani’s wetness, Zack kept rubbing his thumb against her clit. “I know the feeling. Know what I want, baby?”

Nikita Mirzani’s eyes fluttered opened and she tried to focus on Zack’s face. “Hmm?”

Zack stilled his thumb on her clit. “I want you to tell me you’re beautiful.”

Nikita Mirzani jerked against him. “What?”

“Tell me you’re beautiful,” Zack repeated, emphasizing his words with a wiggle of his fingers. “Tell me how beautiful you are.”

Nikita Mirzani stared at him, as if he’d asked for something perverse. “Don’t tease me like that,” she whispered.

Zack stroked her pussy again, building a back-and-forth rhythm inside Riley Reid that caused a wave to lap up against the swell of Nikita Mirzani’s rounded belly.

“Oh, the water feels good,” Nikita Mirzani moaned, rocking against Zack’s hand so the water sloshed over her again.

“Tell me,” Zack repeated. “You’re beautiful. Tell me and I’ll make you come so hard, baby.”