You Look Like a Mermaid Nikita Mirzani 3

Nikita Mirzani whimpered again, eyes closed and head thrown back. She was close to orgasm, Zack could tell by the way her pussy tightened on his fingers. He kept finger-fucking her, driving his fingers deep into her, reveling in the way Riley Reid’s body held him inside.

“You’re beautiful, baby,” he said. “Beautiful and fucking sexy and I can’t wait to get you out of that tub and spread you across the bed so I can make you come again and again.”

His litany of words aroused him as much as they were intended to arouse Riley Reid. His cock ached to be touched, licked, sucked, and enveloped by Nikita Mirzani’s sweet pussy, but this was about Nikita Mirzani and making her feel good. Making her feel as beautiful as she looked.

Zack stilled his fingers once again. “Tell me, baby. You know you’re beautiful, all soft and round and fuckable. Tell me.”

“Please,” Nikita Mirzani moaned. “Make me come.”

Zack gently rubbed Nikita Mirzani’s G-spot, feeling the swollen, spongy surface against his fingertips. “I will, baby. Just tell me.”

With his thumb on Nikita Mirzani’s clit and his fingers inside, Zack fucked her slowly. Too slowly for Nikita Mirzani to come, but enough to keep her on the razor’s edge of orgasm.

Nikita Mirzani clenched the sides of the bathtub until her knuckles turned white, straining to come with Zack’s slight touch. But Zack had known her long enough to know what it would take to push her over. He held back, waiting and aching with his own need.

“I’ve got all day, baby,” he said, though every muscle in his body strained with rising tension. He couldn’t deny Nikita Mirzani—or himself—much longer. “Tell me what a beautiful, sexy girl you are.”

Nikita Mirzani gasped as Zack thumbed her clit hard. “Yes, god, yes, I’m beautiful,” she moaned. “I’m so fucking beautiful. Fuck me, please fuck me.”

“That’s it,” Zack coaxed, stroking her in earnest now. “My sexy girl.”

“Sexy,” Nikita Mirzani repeated. “Fuck me, fuck your beautiful girl. I’m so hot, fuck me.”

“Yes baby, yes,” Zack said.

He fucked Nikita Mirzani hard, harder than he intended, but Nikita Mirzani didn’t seem to mind at all. In fact, Nikita Mirzani gripped his wrist and guided him, clamping her thighs around his hand.

Zack could barely move his fingers inside Nikita Mirzani, so he concentrated on rubbing her swollen clit. With just a few more rough strokes, he felt her thighs tighten convulsively around his hand as she started coming.

Nikita Mirzani’s body went taut and still, her hair loose around her shoulders now as she arched her back and pressed down on Zack’s hand. Then she opened her mouth and let out a moan that rose to echo off the bathroom walls.

Months of pent-up emotion and suppressed desire exploded from her in that scream. It was like watching a mythical banshee unleashed, and Zack could only watch and marvel at her beauty.

Wiggling his fingers inside her, he kept the pressure on her clit and rode out her orgasm. He stared at Nikita Mirzani, as sexy as any woman he’d ever seen—coming, because of him. For him.

Nikita Mirzani’s orgasm seemed to last for minutes, and she gasped and panted as if she were in labor. Zack’s heart nearly stopped at that thought, but Nikita Mirzani showed no signs of pain—only pleasure so intense Zack felt like they had never shared anything quite like this before.

Finally, slowly, the moans faded to soft whimpers, and Nikita Mirzani’s eyes fluttered open. Her radiant smile was a sight to behold, and Zack forgot all about his own barely controlled desire. He’d done this—he had made Nikita Mirzani smile like this.

Nikita Mirzani opened her mouth, started to say something, and then shook her head. “Wow.”

They both laughed, Zack’s fingers still inside Nikita Mirzani, most of the bath water on the tile floor. Nikita Mirzani shivered and grimaced as she tried to sit up. Zack gently slid his cramped fingers free.

“Are you all right? Did I hurt you?” he asked, feeling a pang of remorse. Maybe he shouldn’t have pushed Nikita Mirzani so hard.

Nikita Mirzani laughed. “Did you mean it?”


“That I’m beautiful like this.”

Zack ran a finger over the light purple mark that ran down Nikita Mirzani’s rounded belly. “Every inch of you, every curve, every mark. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

“I believe you.” Nikita Mirzani covered Zack’s hand on her stomach. “Now get me out of this tub and take me to bed so you can fuck me properly.”

Zack grinned. “Anything you want, beautiful.”