My Stepsis Making Me Cum

One night I was laying in bed watching TV when my stepsis, Carrie, who was the only child of my stepmom before she met and hooked up with my dad.
It felt a bit strange to all of a sudden have a big sister or at least stepsister. But she was always caring, protective of me and extended great for me always.

Carrie came into my room (we had a door that connects our rooms without going into the hall) wearing just panties as usual . Carrie was a senior in high school and gorgeous. She’s much taller than the rest of the family, has a terrific shape and blonde like me. We are pretty close.

"Heather , have you seen my blue satin panties that go with my cheer leading outfit?”

"No" I replied.

She rolled her eyes and said, "Billy probably has them ".

I thought that was an odd thing to say as what would my 11 years brother want with her panties. I was to find out a couple of years later, but again that's another story.
She gave me a real serious look and asked, "Heather, are you OK? You've been really down for a while.

"No, I'm OK" I lied.

"You can tell me you know as we have never had any secrets.”

"Not this time, OK?” I said.

"How about if I guess what's wrong. Will you tell me then? She asked.

"I guess so uh, maybe"

"Have you tried sex?

And there it was, the big secret out for her to know about!

I teared up and told her yes and it was awful.

She sensed my pain and lifted the covers and slid into bed with me, taking me into her arms.

I started to cry lightly and related the whole story to her and while I was doing this she rocked me in her arms gently between sobs.
"It's never as good as it should be the first time" she stated. "Especially with boys as they play too rough not realizing what we need is tenderness. Only other girls know how to treat their partners with the gentleness we need.”

I wasn't sure what she was getting at but it was then I realized she had slid her hand up under my top and had rested it on my right breast! She was running her fingertips across my nipple and it felt so wonderful that I blocked out the fact that not only was she a girl, but my step-sister! I lay there for a while enjoying this new found thrill but finally asked, "Carrie, should you be doing this?"

She replied, "I just want you to see that you don't need a rough groping boy to feel sexual pleasure and I won't do anything you don't want me to do, OK?”

"OK", I reluctantly agreed.

She moved her hand to my other breast and strummed the nipple as she had done to the right one. This went on for a long time and it felt so good not to have to hurry and worry so I just let her lead the way and I certainly did not want it to stop! I could see her much larger breasts as well but didn't even think about touching them.
"This one is just for you Heather" she whispered.

She lifted my top up and off me and stared at my breasts longingly and then caressed each with her left hand keeping the back of her right hand on my cheek. For the first time in my life I could feel the wetness forming between my legs for a girl as the sensations continued to grow.

"Do you want me to stop Heather" she asked.
"Goodness no" I replied.

She then took my entire left breast in her hand gently squeezed it causing my nipple to protrude, then kissed it . Then licked it. Then sucked it into her mouth! I was really liking it by this time and both my nipples were rock hard. She did the same to my other breast and with my nipple still in her mouth slid her fingers down over my belly rubbing it.

I knew where she was headed but didn't say a word because I was afraid she would stop. Her fingers slid under my bottoms into my cotton panties, over my pubic bone onto my pussy. Oh my god I thought. She's going to touch me there!
Her fingers separated my labia and one pressed on my clit rubbing up and down a couple of times before placing her finger at my opening. I started to shake knowing what was coming while she continued to suck on each breast in turn.

It was all I could do, just lay there and feel. I was getting so hot knowing where all this was headed. It was like foreplay times TEN!

Sis was being so gentle whispering soft words like how beautiful I was and how excited I was making her. I was moaning softly to her caresses but when her finger started to enter me I froze but just momentarily as I pictured Sean forcing himself into me. She hesitated and asked me if I was all right and I replied

"Yes, now I am but please go slowly and don't stop. Please Carrie; you can use your finger in me.”
She very slowly and gently slid her finger all the way into me and it was so super, different than anything I had ever experienced. I felt my vaginal walls squeeze her finger and when she started to slide it back out, my suction attempted to hold her in.

She very slowly finger fucked me for a while then pressed her thumb against my little bean and rubbed it as I lay there moaning.

It was all ready starting deep within me and I was shaking all over. She kissed me deeply and inserted her tongue into my mouth to stifle my moans just at the right time or I think our folks would have heard my screams!

Oh my god, my stepsis is making me cum, my sis is making me cum was the only thought in my mind!
I don't think I have ever loved anyone more than her at that moment. She was giving me what I needed so badly. I wet her hand with my juices as she hugged me really hard with her other arm and her tongue still in my mouth until my spasms ended. I lay there crying softly but with joy this time.
"Thank you so much Carrie, I really needed that!”

"I know" she replied. "You will sleep so much better now. You have found peace.”