Ngentot Fiona

She was way too cautious. Some called her anal and others uptight. But Fiona really wasn’t like that at all.

Nope, not her.

She had a wild side buried deep. All she needed was the right scenario to let it rip. Or the right man to let the wild child lurking below her carefully coifed and well-turned-out facade break free.

Now she was looking for the right dare.

Her friends had dragged her to a club hoping she’d find someone to go crazy on. Sitting in the bar, she kept her eyes focused on her drink and refused to watch the male strippers on the stage.

Everything around her was nuts—the dancers, but man were they hot, and the crowd! No way could she behave like the other women here. No matter how hard she tried to loosen up, it just wasn’t in her nature. Even if she did have a wild side tucked away, it would take the right situation to have it bubble up, and this wasn’t it.

But it was hard not to stare at those buff, well-oiled men wearing only silky little socks over their cocks. Fiona was turned on. The show on stage only made it worse. It’d been way too long since she had sex.

Single, unattached female looking for a hot guy for a one night stand. That’s all.

No relationship or commitments—she’d done that and been burned. It was her turn to call the shots. All she wanted now, right now, was to ride a guy until she went mindless. Preferably one in uniform. On stage a gorgeous, ripped and very well-endowed partially clad cop was making her crave her fantasy something fierce.

The hot, musky smell of female bodies in various states of dress mixed with the scents of perfumes–both cheap and expensive–plus the heady scent of sweaty, oiled man was too much. Overwhelmed with sensation, Fiona surged to her feet. She had to get out of there.
It wasn’t until she spun around and nearly kept on spinning did she realize just how drunk she was. She swayed and grasped the pillar beside her, glancing at her gang of friends focused on the writhing men. They had forgotten all about her, but it was the perfect time to escape. She’d message Carol later.

Fiona wove on wobbly legs through the crowded tables until she got to the door. Fuck them anyway. She could find her own–Shit! After catching her heel on the corner of the red carpet, she catapulted into the street.

The wind clawed at her tightly bound hair, pulling strands from their bun until they flew around her like wild red flames. Where the hell had the freaking hurricane come from? No rain, just crazy-ass hot wind, but the night was humid. Within seconds she was perspiring in her business suit and dying for air conditioning.

She shuffled to the curb, trying to shield her eyes from the blowing dust and waved her hand in the air, hoping a cab would see her. She blinked and rubbed her eyes. The dust storm was no match for her contact lenses and she was blinded, barely able to see the car that pulled to the curb.

After fumbling for the handle, Fiona hauled the door open then fell onto the back seat. The car was quiet, cool and smelled rather good. Like man.

She sighed and slumped onto the seat. “Holy shit.” Fiona wiped her eyes and tried to focus through the tearing. She couldn’t see a thing and the pain was killing her. “Take me home please.”

“And where might your home be?” A man asked, his voice deep and masculine.

Shivers rippled along her spine and goose bumps pimpled the backs of her arms. If that wasn’t the sexiest cabbie voice she’d ever heard, she didn’t know what was. Goddamn eyes! She wiped them again, still blinded and sore. Her nose began to run too. Sweet. Nothing like a runny nose to make a girl look pretty.

“Uhm—” Fiona sniffed. “—ah, Hills Court. Do you know it?”

“Yes, ma’am, I do. Are you all right? Did something happen to you?”

Ma’am? WTF?

“No, I’m fine. Thanks.” She sniffed again, rubbed the back of her hand under her nose, tried to fix her hair then gave up.

“Are you sure?”

Oh, keep talking sexy-voiced cabbie.

Would her nose ever stop running? “It was just a crazy stupid night with some friends that was getting out of hand.” She pinched the bridge of her nose hoping to stem the flood of tears and rummaged in her purse for a tissue.

“How so?”

The deep timbre of his voice wrapped around her like satin sheets and suddenly she had to get her jacket off. It was too tight, and she was hot. She swayed and fumbled for the buttons. Geez, she was a wreck. Finally, Fiona got them undone and pulled the garment off then tossed it aside on the seat.

“Ma’am, how did it get out of hand?”

Why was he asking questions?

Fiona waved a hand, not really sure why she felt compelled to answer him. “Oh, they took me out to that strip joint for a good time.”Good time, ya right.

A chuckle rumbled from the front seat. “And did you have a good time?”

She heard the humour in his voice and tried to pry her eyes open to see this guy. He couldn’t be as sexy as he sounded. Could he? She blinked away tears. “No, not really. I can think of better ways to have a good time.” Yes, like right now being between some cool sheets with a hot dude. Her pussy ached and she clenched her thighs together. Tonight would be another lonely one with the vibe. She sighed.

“Really? I’d be interested in hearing some of them.”

Why was this cabbie dude asking her this shit? Even more importantly, why the fuck was she answering him? She never spoke to cabbies, other than directions, so what made this guy different?

It had to be his voice. She needed to see him. After rubbing her eyes one last time, she slowly opened them wide without any tearing. Fiona peered into the darkness and was snared by the very blue intensity of his gaze staring back at her from the rear view mirror.

A radio squawked, and it didn’t sound like a taxi at all. She listened but didn’t pull her gaze from his in the mirror.

“Echo two. 610 in progress. 457 Champlain. Echo one to back.”



Fiona gripped the back of the front seat and pulled herself forward. She looked down. A high-tech computer and monitor were mounted below the dashboard. A radio microphone was hooked beside it. She was in a goddamn cop car!

Her gaze fell on a leg encased in a pair of dark slacks then slid up the muscular thigh. She sucked in a breath at the large hand gripping the steering wheel. She trailed her gaze up the corded forearm sporting an intricate swirled tattoo that wound under a rolled up sleeve.

Hesitating for a brief second, she closed her eyes and forced her heart back to a steady beat. Then she met the icy blue gaze of the most gorgeous man she’d ever seen.

“Holy shit, you’re a cop.”

“Am I? Hadn’t noticed.”

Fiona couldn’t tear her gaze away and her tongue was tied. He smiled and the cutest dimple creased his cheek. Her finger itched to reach out and trace it. He was one hot dude. “I-I’m sorry. I was blinded by the dust and thought you were cab.” She glanced around. This wasn’t a normal cop car. It was plush almost, a comfy sedan with fabric seats and darkened windows. “Umm, this doesn’t look like a cop car.”

“It’s a detective vehicle. Unmarked.” He was still driving, but she caught his glance in the rear view. “So, what are you plans for the rest of the night?”

Had he just asked her out?

Go with it, Fiona. Go with it.
She put on the best seductive smile she could muster and said the first thing that came to mind. “I’ve been a very bad girl and need to be punished.” She was shocked as shit at the deep, husky tone to her voice.

He didn’t say a thing. Just stared at her.

Oh God, had she just gotten herself arrested as a hooker or something?

But when his mouth quirked into a smile, she knew it was okay. She sighed and leaned back on the seat, rubbing her palm over the fabric, thankful it wasn’t a police cruiser with sticky, plastic seats. Who knew what all icky stuff those could be covered with?

She kept her eyes glued to the rear view mirror and smiled each time their gazes met. Heat suffused her and Fiona let the excitement run wild. In the dark of the back seat she could remain anonymous. They didn’t need to share information. She could simply use him to slake the burning desire that raged within her.

No toys tonight.

The car bumped over a dip in the road and she glanced out the window. They were behind a building under an overhang of branches. Nice and private.

She was past the point of worrying if he was a good or bad guy. Cops could be bad too. She sensed he was naughty bad and was close to panting from the surprise of it all and to see what his next step would be.

He parked then got out. Her breath snagged in her chest when he opened the back door. Resting his forearm on the roof, he leaned down to view her. “So then, I understand you’ve been misbehaving.” His indigo eyes drew hers like a magnet. She couldn’t look away.

Fiona nodded and her mouth went dry when he slid onto the seat beside her. She didn’t pull away as his arm slipped around her shoulder, instead she leaned into him, and when he dragged her onto his lap, she wiggled her hips, needing to feel his hard on.

A deep throaty laugh bubbled from her but was stopped cold by the hard press of his lips on hers. She slid her hands over his muscled neck to the base of his skull, held him fast, and opened her mouth. When his tongue thrust inside and met her tongue, sparks of fire shot along every nerve ending to the tips of her fingers and toes. As if connected by a live wire, her pussy hummed and pulsed.
Her short skirt hiked about her hips and she gripped him with her bare thighs, reveling in the press of his cock. She let go of his neck and reached between them to tear at the front of his pants. There was far too much clothing between them. That needed remedying. Rising on her knees, she tried to push his pants down, but couldn’t get any leverage. Tearing her mouth from his, she dragged in a shaky breath, giving up on his fly and moving her hands lower to feel his erection beneath the fabric. He was large and hard, and oh how she wanted him free and driving deep into her.

“W-what’s your name?” Fiona pressed her face into his neck and breathed him in. He was spicy and clean, like he’d just showered.

“Sure you want to know, or is the mystery better?”

God he smells so good. “Mmm, I do like a mystery.”

“Then maybe we should keep it that way.” He pushed her until she pressed against the back of the front seat. “It doesn’t mean I can’t look at you though.”

Fiona shivered with delight when his hands circled her waist and slid up her sides, taking her top with them. Their gazes locked and she actually was glad it was hard to see his features in the dark. The glitter of desire flashed in his eyes.

She sucked in a breath when his exploration paused, his thumbs resting below the underside of her breasts. “You’re not going to stop there are you?”
A deep chuckle rumbled from his chest. “Oh, don’t you be worrying about that now. I’m just beginning my investigation.” He bundled her top around her neck and his gaze dropped to her breasts.

She was so glad she’d put on her sexy purple-and-black bra and matching thong. The fine lace let her nipples peek through. Could he see them in the dark? The barely-there lace was not supportive at all, not that she really needed the help. It was all for erotic show.

She couldn’t see well in the dark, only feel as his hand swept over her chest. The sensations intensified in the gloomy back of the car, as if she were blind and only able to rely on touch. Every caress he ran over her flesh scored a trail of fire. His fingers slipped under the edge of the lace and bumped over her nipples. He pinched gently until they hardened almost painfully. They both groaned and his cock jumped. A rush of dampness readied her for him.

Fiona inhaled, using another of her senses to feel him. Only the shadowy outline of this mysterious man gave her any sense of place and time. She loved how he smelled and grasped his head between her hands, rubbing her palms over the velvety bristle of his short-cropped hair.

Mr. No-Name’s other hand trekked over her chest to rest at the base of her throat, forcing her to arch back against headrest of the front seat. He pulled at the lacy edge of her bra and a rush of hot air blew over her super-charged nipples.

“Suck me,” Fiona whispered into the dark, giving direction without any thought to the demand or where it would take her. She raised her head, tipping it sideways so she didn’t bump it on the roof, and struggled to see him. She couldn’t and gave up, relying only on her body’s reaction to his touch.

He cupped her breasts, pushing them together, and Fiona went rigid when he nibbled her stiffened peaks. “You are one spectacular woman.” His voice was muffled in the dark, which made everything seem even more surreal. She trembled, unable to control the muscles in her body. “You’re shaking.”

Fiona nodded. “I know.”

“I like that.”
His deep voice filled the confined space and wrapped around her like hot honey. She glanced down, hoping to see his face. At that moment, a beam of light from somewhere across the parking lot flashed over his face. Fiona caught her breath when her gaze met his. His mouth curved up on one side in the sexiest smile she’d ever seen. Not only did her belly liquefy in erotic heat but her heart did a little tango of its own. Then the light was gone and she was swallowed by the indigo night.

His lips sealed around her nipple. He sucked and flicked with his tongue until she was mindless, moaning and raging with aching fire in her pussy. Warmth spread in delicious waves. Her whole body throbbed.

She couldn’t believe this was happening. If her friends could see her now, being naughty and inappropriate in the back seat of a detective car with this fucking gorgeous man. This oh-so-daring sex-play, his words, his tongue, his hands—everything about him—was absolutely fabulous.

“Oh my God.” She groaned. “What were the odds of me getting in your car?”

He let go of her nipple and murmured next to the swell of her breast, his breath hot next to her flesh, further igniting her heat for him, “Pretty damn slim.”

“Get your pants down.” She didn’t care how it sounded. She had to feel him in her. Deep and now.


Fiona rose on her knees, giving him room to maneuver, and reached for her purse. She had a condom in there and rummaged until she found it at the bottom of the bag. “I have–”

He captured her lips with his and slanted his mouth across hers. His tongue quested and found hers. He pressed her back, sliding his hand down her arm until he found the condom. He took it, and then his hands were between them and she nearly died from the brush of his flesh against her pussy lips.

She felt his movements, knew he was putting on the condom, and willed him to touch her, find her clitoris. When he ripped her thong aside and pressed his fingers on her waiting clit, she couldn’t hold herself up any longer and collapsed on his muscular thighs. His cock bumped against her belly as if it knew it was in the wrong place.

He gripped her ass with his other hand and lifted her as if she was light as a feather. Their lips still fused together, Fiona reached between them and grasped him. She sighed into his mouth, delighted at his length and thickness. She squeezed and stroked, loving the feel of him. He groaned into her mouth and she accepted it, wanting more of him.

Tipping her hips, she placed his cock head at her opening then settled on him until he slipped in a tiny bit. She sucked in a quick breath, taking air from him, when his fingers tightened on her bottom. He gripped her fiercely then pulled her down, impaling her.
Fiona released his lips and buried her face in the curve of his neck. Wrapping her arms around his shoulders, she gripped him tight with her thighs and rode him, pumping her hips and meeting his thrusts. The sounds of their passion filled the car, which rocked on its suspension, keeping their cadence in perfect harmony.

She could only feel, not see. In the dark, the man below her could be anyone she wanted him to be. But she wanted him to be exactly who he was. Another brief flash of light across his face showed he was just who she needed him to be.

Her belly tightened with teasing hints of climax. She sucked air in little pants, pressing her mouth to his neck, loving the sound of his groans beside her ear and the throb of his vein under her lips.

Her passion climbed higher and she drew in a breath, holding it until she was desperate for air. It rushed from her when the sweet rolling bliss bloomed from her pussy. She came apart on his lap, gushing on him and crying out as her orgasm swept her away.

He roared his release and swelled within her. Filling the interior of the car with his man sounds as he came inside her.

And Fiona loved it, loved that she could bring him a growling release that was as old as the mating ritual itself. She rocked on him and a second orgasm shook through her in her first ever multiple.

Finally, she fell over his shoulder, boneless and sated. His fingers splayed over her back, pressing in delicious little kneads until she came down from her orgasmic high.

“Wow.” What a silly word to say, but it said it all. Simply, wow.

“You got that right, sweetheart.”
Fiona sighed. “So, do you think you can take me home after all?”

He burst out laughing. “Maybe in a little while.”

She smiled. She wasn’t in a hurry to go anywhere.