Cum Inside My Sister 1

I grasped my cock tightly, my heart thumping rapidly in my chest. My sister, Judy, was unaware that I was watching her showering as I had so many times before.
I could see her perfect, perky tits through the glass of the shower door. She rubbed her soapy hands all over her tight body, over her tits, down her flat stomach, and finally between her legs.

Oh, God. Between her legs. Her tight little pussy. I wanted to fuck that sweet little pussy more than I’d ever wanted anything.

My hand rubbed up and down my rock hard shaft as I watched her touching her body, spreading soapy bubbles all over her smooth skin.

I thought of invading her shower and just taking her, shoving her against the wall and sliding my cock inside her hot, wet cunt, holding her there and having my way with her despite her objections.

I heard her moan. Her hand was down between her legs. She was rubbing her pussy and moaning softly. Dear God, I could hardly keep myself from bursting into the room and taking her right then and there.

Her hand moved faster, and her moans turned into loud, panting groans. I stroked my cock faster, and I could feel my cum building inside my balls, ready to explode. I bit my lip, desperate to keep her from hearing me.

“Oh, Jeremy,” she gasped. “Jeremy!”

My heart thudded. My name is Jeremy. Was she calling my name? Was it possible she was thinking about fucking me the way I was thinking of fucking her?

I gritted my teeth as my cock began to pulse. It throbbed wildly, spurting repeatedly, sending a torrent of cum oozing down my head and splattering onto the bathroom door. I could hear her screaming with orgasm, and my cock spit cum again and again.
It was nearly impossible to catch my breath. My heart was racing so fast I felt dizzy, and my legs were shaking. She’d be getting out of the shower soon. I had to escape.

I looked around the room for something to use to clean up, but all I saw was one of her t-shirts. I grabbed it quickly and wiped my hands, and then I cleaned my cum off the door. I stuffed my cock inside my jeans, zipped them up, and fled.

Once I was back in my room, I lied down on my bed. My head was swimming with thoughts. I couldn’t believe she’d called my name. Was it really me she was thinking about? Did she know someone else named Jeremy? I couldn’t think of anyone.

I was so exhausted, I finally fell asleep.