Cum Inside My Sister 3

“Fuck me, Jeremy,” she whispered into my ear.

I groaned and thrust my cock against her hand. I squeezed her ass, pulling her body over on top of me. Now she was straddling me, my hard cock pushing against her crotch.
She began to grind against me, rubbing herself all over my cock. I pushed my hips forward, my cock jamming hard against her public bone.

“Please fuck me!” she begged.

I grasped her t-shirt, pulling it over her head. I’d never seen my sister’s tits up close before. I’d only ever seen them through the foggy glass of the shower door, or brief glimpses while she was changing clothes. They were spectacular. They were round without being fake, with tiny pink nipples that stood erect and begged to be sucked. I grasped them both in my hands and squeezed, pushing my cock harder against her panties.

“Jeremy, I want you to fuck me!” she pleaded.

I wrapped my arms around her body and in one deft movement I swept her onto the bed and mounted her. I pushed my tongue inside her mouth and kissed her passionately, a ferocious growl barely smothered as it escaped my lips.

My hand slipped down her flat belly and jammed inside her panties. I couldn’t believe it. I was finally going to touch my sister’s pussy, that sweet little cunt I’d been dreaming of for so long.

I spread her pussy lips with my fingers and slipped one finger inside her. She was dripping wet. My finger met resistance when I tried to push inside her.

“Are you…” I started to ask.

“A virgin?” she added. “Yes.”
I froze. It was one thing to fuck my little step-sister, but it was another thing entirely to take her virginity. I jumped to my feet.

“What’s wrong?” she asked breathlessly.

“Judy, I… I don’t know if I can do this,” I admitted.

“Why not?”

“It’s just… I don’t think I should be your first.”

“I want you to be my first, Jeremy!” she gasped. “I’ve wanted for… for longer than I can remember! You don’t know how long I’ve wanted this.”

“Why didn’t you tell me before?” I asked her.

“I didn’t think you’d want anything to do with me,” she admitted sheepishly. “I mean, you did used to call me a pest and yell at me to get out of your room.”

“You were twelve at the time,” I said flatly. “And you were a bit of a pest back then.”

“I’m sorry,” I said gently, holding her close to me. “I don’t feel that way now.”

“Then do it, Jeremy,” she pleaded. “Take my virginity! I’ve been saving it for you. Why do you think I didn’t want to do it with Mike?”

“Why would you want me?” I asked. “I mean, I’m your brother,” I said, but then noticing her glare, I quickly added, “Imean stepbrother. Why me?”

“Is it that hard to figure out?” she asked incredulously. I’m certain I looked thoroughly confused, so she said, “I love you! Duh!”

For a moment, I was silent. I really didn’t know what to say. Brothers and sisters usually love each other – or at least they’re supposed to. But I wasn’t quite sure what she meant. Did she mean she was in love with me?

“You mean…”

“I’m in love with you, dummy!” she said, slapping me sharply in the chest with both of her palms.

“Ow!” I said. “Come on, Judy. You can’t be in love with me. I’m your brother!”

“Step, Jeremy,” she pointed out. “Step-brother. We’re not related in any way. There’s nothing wrong with it. Now stop talking and take me!”

“Well, it kind of stuck with me,” she said mournfully. “And you were really mean other times, too.”