Onanism 1

Jody woke early. She dressed without masturbating and went downstairs to breakfast. She and Susie ate together every morning.
The topic, as usual, was onanism. That was Susie's favorite word. It was her preferred word to masturbation.

Susie was a robust, pink cheeked brunette with long, silky hair that she could sit on.

And she was sitting on it now, while she ate her pancake. Every morning Susie had one pancake for breakfast. Without syrup. She loved it that

"You know," she was saying to Jody, stuffing the single pancake into her lovely mouth, and licking her lips, "you know, boys can stick their pretty dicks through a pancake and really get their rocks off in it. This thing's pretty doughy. Bet it feels just like a girl's pussy.

"It would be juicier with syrup, Susie," Jody said dryly. "Really, I can't see what you see in those horrible pancakes. They're so dry."

"It takes the cake!" chimed in Susie. Susie liked to pun. It was her favorite sport, next to masturbating.

"Well, test it out on Ricky next time you get him in the hay," said Jody, tossing her blond hair back from her face, as she munched on her crinkly cereal.

"Why should I give him pancakes when he can have me!" she cried. She was easily affronted. "I mean, let him find his own pancakes. I'm not going to help him."

"You should find them for him," advised Jody in mock seriousness. "What if he doesn't find a pancake to help him through the dry spells? He'll find another girl. Boys are like that, you know. By the way, I worry about such things. I'm grounded for three weeks. It's going to be horrible."

"Whatever for?" asked Susie, eyeing the boy waiter that was taking the trays and dishes off the tables. She had an urgent desire to goose him.

"For having my pants down while I talked to Manny on the phone!"

"I don't believe it. What a riot. Who caught you?" she asked.

"Old scum bag herself."

"No! Miss Ellen Glen. Heavens. Weren't you embarrassed?"

"Oh, she was probably jealous. She probably wanted some young cunt for herself. She had the nerve to take my hand in hers and plead with me to be a good girl. I got sick to my stomach. She digs emotional togetherness, but it made me nauseous. Nauseous, I say! Nauseous!"
She yelled it out, and the girls at the tables around her turned, looked and giggled. Jody gave them the horns. They gave her the finger back.

"Hell, old scum bag has no sex life herself," said Susie. "She probably doesn't even have a sex. You know, the equipment. Let alone the orientation." Susie liked big words, as well as puns.

Big words were her favorite sport, next to puns, and next to masturbating.