Onanism 7

She was silent, just recovering from the coming. She put her arms lovingly around her boyfriend.
"Manny, honey, that was so nice. I love you. It makes me love you very much."

She knew he couldn't take much romanticism. But she couldn't help it. She was a romantic.

"Hey, what time is it?" she interrupted herself suddenly, not giving him time to have to say "I love you" in return.

He pulled back his sleeve and looked at his watch. "Five thirty," he said.

"Oh, crap," she said. "I'll miss supper. I don't care. Sex is nourishing enough anyway, don't you agree?"

"No," he said, shaking his head. "I'm famished. But, I admit, I could live a while on pussy juice. Mmmm. A diet of pussy juice, that would last me several ..."

"Several hours, I know," she broke in. "Oh, do it, Manny, oh, please suck me. You know how I love it."

She spread her thighs invitingly.

He responded.

His tongue moved over her belly and down into her pussy lips. He lapped slowly, tasting her salty juices.

Sucking her pussy was a pleasure, which nothing exceeded, as far as he was concerned. His friends were envious, that Jody let him suck her pussy.

Of course, he didn't tell her that he told them. His friends were sworn to secrecy. She would kill him if she knew that they knew.
If she knew that they knew that she let him suck her pussy. She didn't mind that they knew anything else. But pussy-sucking was a new thing to her. Susie had just confided the word to her recently. She had hissed it in a stage whisper over breakfast. All the girls at the nearby tables turned in horror.

Jody and Susie were looked on as exceptionally astute and knowledgeable about sex. They were, by degrees, given great respect and great disdain. It depended on the fluctuating moods of the dorm population.

Right now, Jody was doing field research. That's what she and Susie laughingly called it.

Jody was feeling the hot laps of tongue on her pussy. Manny's tongue went into her pussy hole and tasted of the sweet cunt juices.

He thrust a finger up her asshole again. And he continued to eat her. He continued to suck her off.

He licked the tops of her thighs, as a brief excursion, a brief detour, from her pussy.

He came back to her pussy lips, and prodded his hot tongue between them.

"Ohhhh," she moaned, as she felt the tongue doing hot, wet things to her clit.

He lapped all around it, inside the pussy lips and back to the clit. He sucked hard on it.

She moaned in pleasure, spreading her thighs as far as she could. She was glad that, a long time ago, in ballet class, she had learned to do the splits. She didn't know then, that it would come in handy when she was fourteen.

She did the splits now while he ate her. And her pussy felt it was going to split, as she came very quickly.
Without letting her come down, he mounted her, thrusting his eveready erect cock up her, all eight inches.

"Ohhhhh," they moaned in chorus, both feeling the deliciousness of his warm stiff prick up her wet, receptive cunt.