Peeping and Fornicating 2

Mrs. Goody had sat down and spread-eagled on her bed. It was a large and comfortable double bed, with a chenille bedspread on top.
Jody's eyes bugged out of her head. Mrs. Goody was pushing up her skirt and latching on to her long johns, those flannel panties that extended nearly the length of her slip.

There must have been a slit in them, like in men's long johns, because she saw Mrs. Goody's whole fist disappear up it. The bag of celery lay alongside her on the bed.

At the same time, the other of Mrs. Goody's expert hands, that must have many times been used to smack children's hands that had caressed wrong parts of their anatomy, now went up to caress parts of her own.

Jody saw her pull her cardigan sweater open, button by button, and expose her whole chest. It was covered by the top part of a cotton slip and, beneath that was a pink bra.

Off came the skirt, and then the bra, too, was loosened. It didn't come off, but merely was pulled up above her tits.

Those tits! Jody had seen nothing like them. They were huge and loose. They fell, as the breasts of old women are wont to do, clear down to her waistline.

And Jody saw her take first one, and then the other tit in her hand and massage it. She saw Mrs. Goody's old, aged head go back against the pillow her whole body was propped against, against the headboard.

Her face, in ecstasy, looked ten years. younger. Jody judged her actual age to be around seventy. So even old people do it! She was amazed, Jody was. There was so much to learn in her life.

Jody wanted to learn everything. If she spied enough, she probably would, it looked like.

Meanwhile, she would learn all she could from Mrs. Goody, who was giving a free lesson in human masturbation before her eyes.

Jody had to congratulate herself on her astuteness. She had fingered a book on body language in the bookstore and she picked up enough information to be of use to her. She had picked up enough vibrations from Mrs. Goody's bouncy walk to know that she, Mrs. Goody, was up to some hanky-panky.

She watched the old, lined hands grasp at her hanging tits and massage the nipples. Her face had the look of an angel on it. Her eyes, cracked around with lines; were half closed.

First one huge tit was palmed. Jody saw the fingers, bent with arthritis, touch the nipples, still healthy looking and brown. Then, Jody saw the amazing.

Mrs. Goody's tit was so large, that she managed to cup it and bring it halfway up to her mouth.

Then her face went down, and she was actually able to suck her own tit. It was awkward, however, and she could not do it for long. Then she stuck her red tongue out of her mouth as far as she could, and licked all over first one nipple, and then the other.

Jody's eyes were bugging out. She wished she could reach through the glass storm windows and move the curtain back further, so she could see better.

As it was, she was forced to squint, one eye at a time, through the curtains.

But she got to see lots as it was. The best was yet to come.
Jody watched as her hand went down between her legs and pulled her skirt all the way up now, and pushed her long johns way down to her loins. Over the elastic of the waistband, Jody could glimpse a great gray bush, or rather the upper extremes of it.

It was the beginnings of the large expanse of her forest of pubic hair. Mrs. Goody was looking down her long johns now and chuckling, obviously enjoying the sight and feel of what lurked beneath it.

Her hands and arthritic fingers set up a rubbing motion deep in her panties. Jody longed to see. She wished Mrs. Goody would pull her long johns down the rest of the way.

But it was probably cold in her bedroom. At her age, she wouldn't want to catch cold. It could be the end.