Peeping and Fornicating 3

She, Jody, was thinking maybe Mrs. Goody could come and speak at Susie's future masturbation course. There could be a unit on masturbation for senior citizens.
Of course, Mrs. Goody would do nothing of the sort. Jody wished she'd brought her camera. A picture or two would have been interesting fodder for future discussions between her and Susie on female masturbation.

She saw Mrs. Goody pant and moan soundlessly through the closed window, as she rubbed her clitoris again and again. She spread her soft white thighs on the bed and fingered her tits again simultaneously. She rubbed her hairy underarms and sucked on her arthritic fingers. She jabbed her fingers up her cunt. At least, that was what Jody supposed she was doing.

Then, surprise of surprises, Jody saw Mrs. Goody, the former headmistress and founder of Mrs. Goody's School of Girls, stick a finger up her back puckered hole.

Jody was hysterical. She just couldn't believe it. And she could view this because Mrs. Goody was pulling her longjohns all the way down to her knees, after all.

Now her whole hairy pussy was exposed on the big, chenille covered bed. Her white hair, cut short and curly around her lined face, was bobbing up and down on her head, with every move of her finger on her pussy.

Her face seemed to look towards the window, and Jody ducked quickly. It made her, Jody, remember that Manny was coming and perhaps already at the woodshed. It brought her back to reality, and though she didn't want to leave this scene that was providing the scoop of the semester, she knew Manny would be able to appreciate it.

She looked back towards the woodshed. The door to it was on the other side the tiny building about one hundred yards away.

Jody started to whistle softly, but She realized that Mrs. Goody would probably hear her before Manny would.

Then she got the idea to throw a snowball in the direction that Manny might be watching. She couldn't hope to reach the front door of the shed, itself, but if she could catch his attention, that would suffice.

So she kept on scooping snow up, meager as it was, and forming small snowballs that she heaved with all her thirteen-year-old might towards the path that led back to the campus.

In a minute she saw Manny's head peep around the side of the building. She waved frantically for him to come this way.

Then, when he got close enough to see her, she lay a finger across her mouth and motioned for him to be silent.

Manny tiptoed along the path, crunchy with snow, and got within talking distance. When he was about to open his mouth and greet her, she again motioned him to be quiet and he came up to her.

He kissed her in greeting but Jody was too excited and pulled away, stepping aside from her perch so Manny could see the scene that she had seen.

And Manny saw it. He saw Mrs. Goody, famous retiree of his sister school, with her pants down and her bra up, on her double four-poster bed, jacking herself off.

Manny was beside himself with laughter. He couldn't help it. Here was the most conservative, supposedly, member of the school community, getting off on her own flesh. It was too much!

He watched more closely. She had two fingers up her widened, old cunt hole and jabbed into it again and again.

He saw her make the moans of pleasure, although he could not really hear her.
She widened her thighs and he saw the incredible mass of her hairy gray cunt. It was a wonderful. She rocked back and forth and up and down on the bed. First she used her fingers, first this way and then that.

Then Jody pushed her way back into the little slit of space and saw finally what the bag of celery was for.

It was not for crunching on. It was not for stuffing with peanut butter. It was not for stuffing at all, unless you imagine it to be for stuffing up her vagina.

In which case you would be right. She broke the seal on the bag and opened the top. She pulled out the whole hunk of celery and broke a nice, green healthy looking stalk off, with plenty of leaves at the top.