Peeping and Fornicating 4

Without even bothering to wash off the stalk, certain to be a bit grimy, from all the celery Jody had seen her mother clean, at least, Mrs. Goody plunged the tip of the stalk straight up her hole.
Then even they heard her groan. It was a faint groan, but a groan all right. That's how loud it was. It penetrated even the window.

She rotated the stalk around and around her cunt. "Ohhhhhh," they saw her moan, as she plunged the stalk in and out of her twat.

Then she turned the stalk around and actually used it like a feather duster, brushing the lush looking greens over her hairy gray cunt and arousing her clit into excitement once more.

Manny and Jody nearly exclaimed aloud. They were so amazed and so enchanted with the sight.

Jody mimicked the stick of celery up her cunt and made bumps and grinds, as she stood in the snow, feigning the stalk of celery in her hand.

Manny laughed silently. He would do nothing to terminate this incredible view of Mrs. Goody. It was a voyeur's delight.

"How long do you think she's been doing this?" whispered Manny.

"Shhhh!" said Jody.

Mrs. Goody seemed to look up just then and towards the window. But she couldn't possibly have seen them. They were well concealed behind the folds of the curtain, having pulled back just in time. No doubt she had just heard a strange sound.

The sound of giggling teens, to be sure, but an undefinable sound, as she entered her aged throes of orgasm.

They watched her thrust the celery stalk in and out, in and out, and arouse Mrs. Goodie to the point of no return.

She began writhing around on the bed, as if this were her last stalk of celery ever.

She broke another stalk off then and kept titillating her clit with the feathery greens, while she continued fucking herself with the stalk of the other.

It was truly an amazing sight.

Jody was glad that on that Saturday, she and Manny had planned their rendezvous as usual at the old woodshed. They had gotten much in return.

They figured there wasn't much more to watch. They continued to look at the old lady get her rocks off on the celery.

Jody wondered if then she ate it afterwards. She didn't have long to wait to find out.

Mrs. Goody didn't even bother going to the kitchen and washing off the cunt juice. She merely put the stalks to her mouth, one by one, and ate them, seeming to relish in their garnish of erotic juices and groin sweat.

Jody and Manny nearly sank to the white ground in fits of hysterical laughter.
The show was surely over then. Just to make sure, they eyed the slit in the curtain once more.

Mrs. Goody was rolling off the bed now, and pulling her clothes back on piece by piece.

First she pulled up the long johns. Then she pulled her bra back, putting her huge boobies back into their cups.

Then she put the rest of her clothes on again. Fully dressed, she suddenly headed for the window where the teens were watching her.

Before they could move away, Mm. Goody quick pulled the sash of the drapes and they came tumbling open, exposing herself and her bedroom to the full view of the boy and girl, and Jody and Manny to her view.

They heard her scream and ran like wild fire in the direction of the woodshed.