Peeping and Fornicating 7

His whole body was shivering with pleasure, and his cock was shooting out hot jets of come, as she squeezed him, prolonging his orgasm, taking most of his come in her mouth.
It was bittersweet. She swallowed it down without great effort, and licked on his cock for a moment afterwards. Then, she felt his hand tugging at her hair and she moved away from him.

Suddenly, he was between her legs, playing with her little pussy again. He hadn't forgotten her. He let his fingers fuck her. Two of them entered her, and then another finger suddenly slid deeply into her anus.

She was stunned, shocked, with pleasure. She began to hump at him, her hips gyrating down on his hand, and her whole body flooded with the hot combination of sensations she was feeling. It was so nice to have her clitoris, cunt, and asshole massaged at the same time. She came in a few moments, but she didn't let on. She wanted him to keep trying. She wanted him to make her come again.

He seemed to be getting tired also, or at least his fingers were, and he moved his hand away after ten minutes. She was sweaty and exhausted, and she'd already came anyway, so she thought that perhaps that was the end of it for the time being, but then, she felt his hands parting her legs just as she closed them.

He was far from done with her. Now, he was going to let her have the full force of his tongue on her little love button.

"Oh, are you going to ...?"


His tongue started at her thighs, sucking and lapping at the smooth, silky skin. Her inner thighs were a delight, and he lingered, although he was hungry for the taste of her little bush, throbbing just above his head.

He smiled before he went down on her, smiled with the awareness that he was going to drive her right out of her little mind, on the fucking spot, with his tongue.

"Get ready!"

His voice had a warning ring to it, and she tensed. He seemed to mean it. His eyes shown with intensity, with a twinkle that combined mischief with purpose.

It occurred to her that he could drive her mad, at least for awhile. She decided to welcome it, to lie back, spread her lovely thighs, and welcome it.

It came! His tongue covered her entire crotch. It's swooping licks ran from her pussy and clitoris, way back to her asshole, as he held the balls of her buttocks tightly in his hands, keeping her in just the right spot so that his beating tongue could lay it down on her with the proper degree of sensation.

She closed her eyes and committed her attention to his beating tongue. In no time at all, she was in heaven, transported by the flood of pleasure that enveloped her; made her limbs dance with joy!
"I'm coming! Oh! That feels so wonderful! I'm coming!" she moaned, whimpering with delight.

He didn't miss a stroke of his whipping, tongue laying it down on her as she almost struggled to get away from the source of her pleasure and near-insanity. It was the hardest thing she ever had to sit still for, even though it felt so heavenly.

Her head was clouding quickly, and she felt as though her entire being was centered in her genitals, specifically, at the point where his tongue was beating her.

"Oh, I can't stand it another minute!"

This time, she did come, her body dancing, twitching, going crazy under the beating tongue!

"Oh! oh, I can't stand it another minute!" do that before," she whimpered, her head swimming.

He smiled as he registered her responses. He knew he was driving her wild, and he wanted her to remember that he had that power, and could duplicate the delights he led her to.

Her body, sweating and jerking, spine tight, went into a crazy tarantella of motions, her hands grasping his head close to her flaming little pussy.

Soon she was done, and her spine relaxed. He could sense her orgasm, and he kept up his tongue-beating through it, but then stopped when she was done.
When she looked up, his face was covered with her pussy dew, and he was smiling. She knew it was over. Her body told her that it had to be over, for the moment. But, she knew it would happen again!

His cock was very hard, and he let it out slowly. The little girl looked at it, let her little fist close around the base.

"I'm going to lick it like a lollipop!" she said, sensing his delight.

She bent her head.